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These Ten Things Belong on Your fall Bucket List

These Ten Things Belong on Your fall Bucket List

By Justice Akagbulem, Contributing Blogger

Summer is over and pumpkin season is upon us. As we transition to orange things and pumpkin pies, our activities take on a new look too. 

Just like summer, it can be tricky to figure out the best activities to spend time on. But autumn isn’t nearly as long and it’ll be over in a matter of weeks. And, while I love good ol’ Maria Carey, I’d hate to miss out on the cozy activities to enjoy in between.

Read on as we explore a list of ten things that need a permanent spot in your fall bucket list. 

Go Apple Picking

Picking apples in fall-inspired sweaters has to be the oldest autumn tradition - second only to cutting Jack-O-Lanterns. It is fun, family-friendly, and doesn’t cost a dime.

If you already own an orchard, then the work is half done. Otherwise, there are plenty of apple orchards around the country that’ll love to have you. Growing up in New Jersey, my siblings and I would exhaust ourselves counting the apple varieties at Terhune Orchards in Princeton.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Visiting a pumpkin patch is a great way to usher officially yourself into fall season. If you’ve never visited one, it’s easy to think you’ll just be viewing humongous pumpkins.  But there’s actually an exhaustive list of fun things to do.

Thousands of US pumpkin patches host fall-themed events every year and visitors can pay to partake in the fun. Expect to see petting zoos, corn pools, miniature rides, scary trails, and so much more.

Decorate Your Home

If you’re like me and easily wooed by Pinterest to redecorate the house, you’ll love this one. Just like Christmas, fall presents an opportunity to create a seasonal aesthetic in your home. Feeling stumpy? Use these fall DIY decorating ideas for inspiration.

Try a Corn Maze

Like pumpkin harvests, treading corn mazes is a signature fall tradition. Every year, corn farms around the country create massive mazes for family outings. They are fun, engaging, and interactive - making the perfect wholesome event to do in a group.

Every maze is uniquely patterned for a special experience. If this sounds like your new fall tradition, you should probably check the Top 10 Corn Mazes of last year.


The fall is for giving back and the season always brims with volunteers. Caring for the elderly, volunteering at animal shelters, and recycling - you name it, the list is endless. You can use your candy budget to make a difference this holiday.

Attend a Fall Festival

Nothing fosters a more beautiful fall experience than a festival. People from different parts come together in cool colors to enjoy our yearly transition into the winter season.

At fall festivals in 2023, you can expect to do all things fall-related - hiking trails, tasting pumpkin-spiced things, and taking those nostalgic pictures. Plus, they make for good conversation over Christmas dinner.

Go Leaf Gathering

Autumn wind brings an annual makeover for leaves across the country. Their earthy green colors are swapped out for vibrant shades of red, yellow, orange, and purple. Luckily, now is the best time to dry these leaves and make a cool album.

Make a Fall Wreath with Your Findings

Nothing ushers us into fall time like a seasonal fall wreath. Naturally, you’d use colors that suit the fall theme - we’re talking browns, oranges, reds, and purples. Bonus points if you can add matching ribbons for that extra oomph.

You’ll typically need a wreath ring, some florist wire, flowers, twigs, and ribbons (I like to add berries but they’re totally optional). Start by working the twigs and flowers into the wreath - insert them like straw in a bird’s nest.

Once the base is built, add in the ribbons and secure them with an office pin. Your wreath should be looking Pinterest-worthy by now, and all that’s left is to hang it in your favorite spot. 

Pro tip: If you want your wreath to last throughout the fall, then I’d recommend artificial flowers. Otherwise, the vibrance of natural flowers is unmatched!


DIY Halloween Costume 

Making your own Halloween costume is twice as fun as buying it. You can either make it a fun hobby for yourself or enjoy some family creation time. For an extra challenge, try creating your costume with nature findings! Use sticks, leaves, and other gatherings as your materials.

Roast Marshmallows in a Bonfire

Marshmallows have a special place with hikers and campers, just like it does with autumn. They go together like corn on a cob. 

To indulge in this treat, you’ll need to pack a knife, marshmallows and some coal. You can get and whittle the stick from a twig on your trail. 

Once you have set up camp (and fire), you can start roasting. Remember - firm, golden skin on the outside, and white and gooey on the inside.

Think you can do them all before Thanksgiving dinner?