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Snack Ideas For Camping in the Summer

Snack Ideas For Camping in the Summer

By Hailey Davis, Contributing Blogger

Did you know the summer months are the most popular time to go camping? Not only is the weather more comfortable for sleeping outside, but it’s also the best time to bring kids along with their school schedule. But, snacks and food can be complicated in the summer. There’s nothing worse than your food turning into a gooey, sticky, and mushy mess because of the high temperatures. Thankfully, there are some perfect snacks that you can eat while camping in the summer.


If you love granola bars or granola mixes, why not make it yourself for you to eat around the campfire and on hikes? Granola is surprisingly easy to make, and it’s easy to bring on the go. You can throw it in some plastic bags or tupperware and bring it in your bag for your camping trip. Not to mention, you can choose the ingredients you want to have in your granola.

To make your own granola, you just include oats, some type of sweetener, a bit of oil to combine it, and a flavoring. Many people choose to add nuts like peanuts, pumpkin seeds, or almonds in combination with cinnamon or cocoa powder. Then, bake it and you’re ready to bring it on your camping trip. Each recipe depends on the baking time and the amount of oil to use, so be sure to look up a recipe online before putting all the ingredients together. But, the amount of oil won’t be enough to leave your granola as a greasy mess after a hot day.

Cocoa Dusted Nuts

If you love chocolate but don’t want to deal with the melty mess it leaves behind in the heat, cocoa dusted nuts will be your best friend in the summer. Mixing some cocoa powder and sugar can give you the chocolatey fix you want while relaxing in your campground. The best part is that you can choose the nut you prefer, whether it be almonds, peanuts, cashews, or even pecans. All nuts are high in protein and calories, which are the perfect nutrients for when you are extra active on your camping trip.

Chex Mix

Chex Mix is one of the perfect snacks for camping in the summer. While some recipes call for covering it in caramel or chocolate, you can opt for a fun seasoning instead. All of its ingredients are carb-rich, which provides steady energy for the camping activities you’ll be doing. Not to mention, many seasonings have a high amount of sodium, which gives you electrolytes after a busy day in the heat.

To make the perfect Chex Mix, get rice, corn, and wheat Chex, mini-pretzels, and bagel chips. You can also include Cheetos, popcorn, Cheez-Its or anything else you would like in it. Then, choose your favorite seasoning, whether it be garlic powder, onion powder, or a blend of seasonings. This summer camping treat is the perfect option to bring along.

The Best Snack Ideas for Summer Camping

The secret to snacks during camping is to avoid things that can melt and get sticky in the heat. This means chocolate, caramel, or cheese (that isn’t supposed to melt). So, when it comes to snacks while camping, you need to focus on foods that stay great at any temperature. If you have a favorite snack like a bag of chips, don’t hesitate to bring those on your summer camping trip. As long as it’s nutrient-packed and won’t make a big mess with the hotter temperatures in the summer, it is the perfect snack for your trip.

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