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Best Camping and Road Trip Apps

Best Camping and Road Trip Apps

By Joe Coleman, Contributing Blogger 

When the warm weather hits, all you want to do is get on the road. As fun as it may be to just get in the car and drive, a little preparation goes a long way. If you want to drive off into the sunset without any particular destination in mind, these 11 apps will help get you there.

The Dyrt 

The Dyrt is one of the quintessential camping apps. If you prefer campsites to hotels and tents to queen beds, the Dyrt is a necessary addition to your phone.

The Dyrt shows you campsites of all kinds in the area you’re searching. Whether you want to stay in a national park or just a patch of dirt on BLM land, the Dyrt has you covered. You can search for tent, RV, dispersed, and any other type of camp spot you can think of all in one place.

Compatible with: iOS and Android



Unless you’re road tripping in an electric car (if so, you want PlugShare), this may be the most essential app you have. Not only does it show you the cheapest gas in your area, but it also helps you plan your road trip around the most economical gas choices on your route.

Compatible with: iOS and Android



While Google Maps or Apple Maps work just fine, Waze is a popular option for frequent travelers. With Waze, you get the best real-time updates for slowdowns, accidents, and reroutes. Additionally, Waze has a solid community feature that allows drivers to provide road updates and subsequent drivers to confirm whether those are still accurate.

Compatible with: iOS and Android



No road trip is complete without a soundtrack. Whether you lean towards music or podcasts on a long drive, Spotify has you covered. If Spotify isn’t for you, Apple Music or Amazon Music do the job as well! 

Compatible with: iOS and Android



iExit is for more than just finding convenient bathrooms (though that’s definitely a plus). If you want to know about food and accommodations up the road before seeing the exit signs, iExit has you covered.

Compatible with: iOS and Android



While you can plan your road trip with other apps (like the Dyrt), there’s no better app for free road trip planning. While you can upgrade to the Plus version, the free version offers you up to five waypoints and gives you an estimate for how much you’ll need to spend on gas. If you’re taking an RV, Roadtrippers Plus is probably worth it for you. Whatever you’re driving, there’s no more comprehensive road trip app for the cost (or lack thereof)!

Compatible with: iOS and Android



AllTrails is hands down the best way to find and plan out hikes. With a similar map setup to The Dyrt, you can look up hikes near you or search for the most popular hikes in the park you’re going to. While the Pro version only costs $30 per year, most people will be fine with the free version.

Compatible with: iOS and Android



The name synonymous with road trip stays, Airbnb is essential to have on your phone. If you plan just to camp, you can skip this one in favor of The Dyrt (and Campspot if you only want established campgrounds).

If Airbnb isn’t what you’re looking for, VRBO and HotelTonight and great alternatives.

Compatible with: iOS and Android



If you’re planning a road trip through the US National Parks, recreation.gov is necessary for snagging the campsites you need. This is the only way to reserve campsites at national parks, so don’t leave home without it! If you want more comprehensive information for your national parks road trip, download the National Park Service App as well!

Compatible with: iOS and Android


Roadside America

If you love offbeat and unique stops on your road trips, Roadside America gives you all that information in one place. While this app isn’t for everyone, if you love the spontaneity that comes with finding roadside oddities, there’s no app better for your journey.

Compatible with: iOS


Gaia GPS

While this one isn’t for everyone, more avid hikers will appreciate Gaia GPS. If you love to hike, overland, or just appreciate a good map, there’s arguably no better app. You’ll get all the information you need to stay on the trail and know where you are at all times. The free version is perfectly capable, but it’s worth upgrading to the paid version at just $20 per year.

Compatible with: iOS and Android