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7 Creative Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors During the Winter Months

7 Creative Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors During the Winter Months

By Jack Berning, Contributing blogger

Has cabin fever set in this winter? Is your Netflix account working overtime? It’s time to break the cycle and get outdoors to enjoy all the great activities that winter has to offer.

Research shows that interacting with nature can help to:

  • Decrease stress
  • Make you feel more energized
  • Help to clear your mind

In this article, we’re giving you seven creative ways to get outside and reap all the benefits of the wonderful natural world. Let’s bundle up and get out there!

1. Winter Hiking

Who says hiking is exclusively a summertime activity? While you might not be able to get up a mountain, a wintertime hike is a great way to stay active and enjoy nature.

Consider renting or buying microspikes or snowshoes if you’re planning to head up into snowy terrain. There is a certain magic to the woods in the wintertime—don’t miss the chance to see it for yourself!

2. Ice Skating

While man-made ice rinks might be closed this year, there is still plenty of ice to go around. Whether you're in the Midwest, Northeast, or the Rocky Mountains, there are likely bodies of water near you that are frozen thick enough for skating.

Always make sure to investigate the safety of a body of water before you head out. The ice should be at least four inches thick and void of any major cracks.  

3. Cross Country Skiing

Even if you’ve never been up on skis before, no need to worry. Cross country skiing takes far less time to pick up than downhill skiing, serving as an awesome wintertime outing for the entire family.

Find a location near you and get ready for a weekend that you’ll never forget!


4. Ice Fishing

Ice fishing provides an awesome opportunity to access parts of your favorite lake that can’t be reached from shore during the warmer season. Tranquil and inexpensive, there’s nothing quite like angling in the winter.

Pack a lunch and get started early. Who knows, you might catch enough to bring home dinner!

5. Winter Camping

Looking to give your heating system a break for the night? Pick a weekend and head out on a winter camping excursion.

While it might seem a little intense, there is nothing quite like the wilderness in the winter. That bright blue moon and multitude of stars are waiting for you—it’s a sure-fire way to disconnect from the digital world and recenter yourself with some time in nature.

6. Polar Plunge

January 1st is the official Polar Bear Swim Day. While that may have passed, there's nothing quite like the Polar Plunge!

Bring in the New Year a little later by stripping down to your bathing suit and dunking in some ice cold water. Take it easy—you should never push your body beyond its limits—but having a quick dip in some shallow water can give your body a much-needed dose of dopamine.

 Just don't forget to bring along some hot chocolate and layers for when you get out! 

7. Winter Strolls

Wake up to find snow on the ground? As tempting as it is to cuddle up inside with a hot cup of tea—you’ve been doing that for months! Getting outside for a walk through the park or your favorite neighborhood is a great reminder of all the magic that winter provides.

Lace up the snow boots, brew that cup of tea in a thermos, and get ready to catch some snowflakes on your tongue!


While the winter brings cold temperatures, it also brings a ton of awesome ways to get outside. We hope these suggestions have been helpful! Are you feeling ready to get outside and experience the winter?




We’re here to help you stay active, healthy, and stylish this winter. Check out our new arrivals today, and have fun out there!  






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